Complete list of wine accessories and quality Moravian wine

Choose from our colorful selection of wine from Moravian and international wine growers.  We carry a comprehensive portfolio of wine accessories – from wine openers and glasses, to decadent carafes and more.

For a great price and quick delivery, you can buy the best red, white, and rosé wines from popular Moravian wine growers. Also available are topnotch champagnes, sparkling wines, and port wines from Austria, France, and Portugal. Don’t miss our special iced or straw wines.

The heart of our offer remains quality wine accessories – corkscrews, wine glasses, wine aerators, bottle stoppers – the list goes on. We even offer gift bags made from paper or jute, and wine accessory gift boxes.

We are a respected distributor of quality brands from around the world, including Longlever, PullPlus, Pulltex and Rona. Under our own brand, PERFEGI, we also sell corkscrews, aerators, foil cutters and more.

Get free delivery on purchases over 2,000 CZK. Follow our wine blog to stay up to date on our offerings and sales.





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