About us

ALFI Corp., Ltd operates several e-shops which sell wine, wine accessories (www.vse-pro-vina.cz, www.potreby-pro-vina.cz), natural stone panels (www.alfistone.cz), inflatable attractions (www.zabavnehrady.cz) and air freshening products (www.4toilet.cz).

Our clients consist mostly of wine shops, wine bars, gift shops, holiday resorts, hotels, restaurants and end consumers. Our merchandise has been distributed for many years not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia.

Our Milestones

  • 2008 – foundation of wholesale store www.vse-pro-vina.cz which soon became the leading Czech distributor, and later the leading Slovak distributor of wine openers, gift boxes and other high-quality wine accessories,
  • 2009 – foundation of ALFI Corp., Ltd,
  • 2012 – foundation of our own wine accessory and gastronomy brand PERFEGI,
  • 2013 – www.potreby-pro-vina.cz – foundation of online shop with complete offer of wine accessories and quality wine by Moravian wine growers,
  • 2013 – www.zabavnehrady.cz – expansion of portfolio to include renting and selling custom inflatable attractions,
  • 2014 – www.alfistone.cz – foundation of e-shop with stone panels from real stone (slate, quartzite and travertine),
  • 2015 – www.4toilet.cz – foundation of e-shop with air freshening products and toilet deodorizers.

Specialists in wine accessories and promotional items

While we offer a wider range of services, our main activity remains selling quality wine accessories by well-known brands (Puigpull, PullPlus, Pulltex, Rona etc.). These can also serve as promotional items to include companies’ logos, names or slogans.

In 2013 we expanded our sale of quality Moravian wines with the launching of www.potreby-pro-vina.cz later on we added sparkling wine from Austria and port wine from Portugal). The same year we started selling and renting inflatable castles, slides, climbing walls and other inflatable attractions which can also be used for advertising and promotional purposes.

All of our products can be transformed into elegant promotional items, equipped with your logo or other corporate markers according to your wish.

Our Brands

ALFI Corp., Ltd is the main distributor of wine accessory brands PullPlus and Puigpull in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

PERFEGI, our own brand founded in 2012, produces first-rate wine accessories- from corkscrews to wine stoppers to high-end wine boxes.

In addition, our e-shop customers can purchase wine openers, glasses and other tools by renowned brands such as Rona, Pulltex or Longlever.

Inflatable attractions

In 2013 we expanded our portfolio to include the sale, renting and manufacturing of inflatable attractions through www.zabavnehrady.cz.

Inflatable castles, bounce houses and other attractions can help promote your company and services.

Natural stone panels Alfistone.cz

As soon as we started selling stone panels from slate, quartzite and travertine on www.alfistone.cz in 2014, they ranked our most popular products.

Our natural stone panels are suitable for both exteriors and interiors of houses and flats. They are great for their beautiful look, high durability and long lifespan.

Air fresheners 4toilet.cz

Since 2015 we have been operating the online shop www.4toilet.cz which sells toilet hang tags, urinal screens and other air fresheners. These high-quality, long-lasting and eco-friendly products immediately gained popularity not only in households, but also in hotels, restaurants and various offices around the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Logistics and E-shops

We keep over 350,000 items stocked in our 1,800 m2 warehouse.

For the most comfortable purchase, we offer our customers several options for payment, quick delivery, and free delivery on purchases over certain amounts (specific amounts mentioned on the pages of every e-shop).

Since our foundation, we have laid strong emphasis on quality and ease of our online shops.

Our modern e-shops are easily accessible from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. They are well-structured, have quality photographs in high definition, detailed product descriptions, helpful articles, and online support.