Promotional items

Let us introduce you to our favorite promotional giveaways, all of which are possible to add your company logo or other advertisement to. Bounce castles and other inflatable attractions will also serve your advertising purposes. They are available for rent or purchase at

Wine Gift Boxes

These elegant wooden gift boxes for wine are practical and at the same time appropriate for promoting. They make good presents for anybody.

Gift Boxes with Wine Accessories

Our wooden gift boxes together with brand name accessories and your company logo are sure to stick in the minds of your important clients and business partners.

Wine carafes

Carafes are used as tools for decanting wine, i.e. pouring from wine bottles into carafes. Decanting is a process in which wine comes into contact with oxygen, which builds the aroma and flavor of the wine, and separates wine from sediment.

Cardboard Wine Boxes

Cardboard wine boxes are cheaper and practical, yet no less elegant than wooden wine boxes.

Customized Boxes

In addition to our standard offering, we produce wine boxes, wine accessories and other business gifts perfectly tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

Wine Openers

You can rely on a well-made wine opener for many years. For just as long, our first-rate wine openers will continue to promote your business.

Rustic Wine Boxes

These rustic wooden wine boxes with metal embellishments are understandably among our most popular gifts. You don’t need to (although you can) adhere advertisements to these boxes – they will promote your business even without.

Wine Glasses

A set of quality wine glasses is a traditional gift suitable not only for family members, but also for business partners and clients.

Wine Bags

Wine bags are cheaper, yet useful and durable alternatives to wooden wine boxes.

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers will keep your wine from losing any of its flavor or aroma. Closing the bottle actually prevents the wine from oxidizing and keeps it fresh. This useful and lovely tool will serve well as a gift, and with your company logo as a promotional gift.